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Would like to purchase an awning for our Rough Rider and am interested to hear experiences, warnings, and recommendations from the community. We currently have a Pahaque 10x10 screen room that is a beast to set up and is horrible in any sort of wind.


Currently considering the Frontrunner Easy Out 2.5m Awning with the Awning Room. 

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From what I've read, none are too good in wind.  I have an ARB 6x8 awning with room that goes under it, but have not used it.  I'm usually wanting to pack up and go early in mornings and hate to pack something all wet.  I'm not familiar with Frontrunner.

I once saw the smaller Pahaque attached tent in wind, and it did well.  But I had one and sold it because it seemed like a hassle. 

I do have a 6x6 Clam shelter that I set up close to trailer.  I go to the coast a lot, which is windy, so i don't use the awning there.

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We opted for a Quick-Set Screen tent (Venture Model).  I can set this up in about a minute not including staking (crazy fast).  This will fit over a six foot picnic table to provide a bug free environment. We  also got the rain/wind shield  kit (I believe it comes with 3 panels) which can afford you some privacy in tight campgrounds.  It seems that inventory comes and goes but we purchased from Grander online.  Bad thing is you have to store it.