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Common Issues of Little Guy

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I'm highly considering in purchasing a 2016 Little Guy 5 wide.  This will be my first camper.  What are some common issues with these campers I should be aware of...leaks, condensation issues, rotting of undercarriage, electrical issues???


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My 2015 Five Wide, I had for about 18 months.  It really didn't have any problems, but I wanted a roof rack, and really wanted the Rough Rider, so I sold the 2015 and got the 2016. They are the same except the RR is higher up and has steel plate underneath and has a different hitch.

The 2016 had the water problem whereby they built it so the tank didn't hold water.  It may not have that problem, as most I heard of were on the Rough Rider model..  I did not want television or air conditioning.  You may want those things, depending on where you will camp.  I have CD player/radio/clock.  I have the outside shower but never use it.  A really tall person may feel it is too short, your feet have to go under the cabinets.  The mattress is 76 inches long.  A Five Wide has 13 inch wheels; a rough rider has 15 inch.

If it is ready for a/c, it will have two holes in the front.  It is probably Zamp ready for solar at the battery.

Condensation is a problem inside the doors and windows.  People say, just crack the window open, but that didn't work for me.  When I camp at the coast or someplace where it's warmer, condensation isn't bad or maybe none.  I also open the roof vent.  The dog appreciates cool air.  But when it's cooler at night, condensation is going to happen.  I've tried running a little heater, but that doesn't help much.  In the morning, I just wipe off the windows with paper towels and open the doors a while.

Mine is stored in the garage, and so far no leaking problem.  Some people report that water will come in around doors, but I've not had that problem either.  Some say the stargazer window leaks, but mine does not.  My spare tire is mounted on the tongue area, behind the battery, at the side.

I'm fairly easy on mine and don't abuse it.  I hope this helps a little.




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