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Mileage for pulling a 4 wide, 5 wide, or 6 wide?

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I see folks are mentioning mileage with the bigger trailers, so thought I'd mention my Five Wide mileage.  I started out with a regular Five Wide, pulled by an offroad Xterra six-speed.  I got 18-20 miles per gallon, with or without the trailer which weighed 950 pounds dry.  By and by, I sold the trailer and got the off-road Five Wide model which weighs 1450 dry.  With all my stuff, it probably weighs close to 1700 pounds to include 6 gallons of water, 52 quart cooler full, spare tire, Action Packer full of stuff, galley full of stuff, etc.  Well, I still don't notice a difference.  It could have lost 1 or 2 miles per gallon going uphill, but not so I could notice because if I go up the mountains, I go down again.  I don't think I can complain.  I also have an awning sitting up there and a roof basket.  And a few pounds in the back of the Xterra.  The Xterra is just as high as the trailer, so expect that helps.  

I cannot stand up in it, but the dog and I have had lots of fun.

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