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Need to replace rotten side  

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Side rotted away from floor while driving down the road.  Only second time we took it out in the month we bought it. Neighbor sold it to us. It is a little guy 5 wide 2006 model. Don’t know if we sell it as is or try and have it fixed. Any thoughts ? 

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I guess it would depend some on what it would cost to repair and what you've got into it.  I think I'd want it to go away. 

I always wonder if mine would leak with normal use and washing, but it's a 2016 and kept in garage.

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I just experienced the same issue on an 07 Five Wide.  Side walls settled about 1/2 inch behind the fenders.  When I removed the edge trim, I found rotted plywood.  I also noticed 3 of the four self tapping screws that secure the wall to the frame were missing. (They're located at the front/rear edge of the fenders.  My plan is to cut out the rotted wood and biscuit in some 3/4 oak boards, seal them with bed liner or Red Guard and NOT put the bottom trim back.  I think the trim is the culprit!  I will reinforce the joint with metal plates on the inside.  Not sure yet whether I can peel back the filon to expose the wood or if I have to cut the filon our higher than the damaged wood and re-seam.

Did you decide on a plan of action for yours

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