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2021 Max Little Lemon Parts?

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Hi all, I’ve looked at some new 2021 Max’s at different dealers. It seems like small details aren’t looked after before shipped. For example, rear storage hatch didn’t latch on one, stitches open on a cushion, cheap plastic covers on outside adapters, all 3 I looked at had shades that were stuck so bad that it’s hard to see them lasting over a year of opening and closing; and the little shade grip falls out on all units when any force is used.

 I was told that due to COVID and demand for campers forced them to put together what they could from their parts inventory, finding other sources for small parts, and then just ship them to dealers “you get what you get” in a hurry. My worry is that 2021 could be the year of the parts lemon, just by inspecting these new units.

The bones are great, the cabinets top notch, but these little things seem rushed and in some cases cheap.

It’s getting close to winter, maybe wait and see if new batches in the spring are better.

Have any of you been in the market for a new one and had these experiences?

Does the manufacture watch this forum? Maybe they’d like to comment?


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Hey Dango,  we have a 2018 LGM.  you will, and we did too, run into this problem during your purchase.  We just held the dealer responsible for ALL issues we found before driving it off the lot.  If they don't fix it, don't buy it.  There were a couple of things we didn't catch, but we have fixed those ourselves.  This has always been a problem, just probably more now it sounds.  Hold them responsible before leaving the lot.  We even had them remove the sink cabinetry because of a water stain....long story.  It took them awhile to replace it but they did.  Our presales agreement was based on all these things being fixed before acceptance.  We put a fair amount down to show them we were serious, all refundable if we didn't agree all was fixed.  

I hope LG keeps up the quality of the units, they are a blast and work well.  It would be a shame for these to start to show poor workmanship.

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@dango The forum is for owners by owners. Little Guy doesn't get involved in the forum they just set it up for the owners. I do have a contact as the moderator and have passed on your concerns to them. 

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Our 2021 was almost perfect. One shelf was installed rough side out (easily corrected) and one screw on the microwave faceplate was inserted at an angle, causing it to be bound up in the metal plate. Should not be an issue until we need to remove the microwave (hopefully never). I was impressed by the quality. My dealer went through the trailer very thoroughly before we set foot in it.