Adding a Keder rail
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Adding a Keder rail

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We are the handy sort and want to add our own awning to our Max. The mini has a Keder rail, but the Max does not.  We would like to add one, but wonder WHY it doesn’t .  If it is a matter of being higher and more challenging to thread with an awning, that is fine.  If it is a matter of some structural thing, then I want to know.  

Does anyone know this? Has anyone successfully added one to theirs. 

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Shellycamps1790, this came up a few years ago prior to the move to this new forum, so I can't review the old information, but from what I remember the height of the roof was one of the concerns.  Hence the addition of the lighted awning on the Max.  I tried to get info on adding a Keder rail for a Max and was told one is not made, nor is the awning that goes with it.  Now this may have changed, but I doubt it.  One resolution was to have a custom awning made and use Velcro strips to attach the awning to the top of Max roof.  I know of one that has done this successfully.  The other solutions are to purchase a stand alone awning and place in front of the door and tie it down to the ground.  We have chosen that option along with creating an external room to use with mosquito netting.  Plus, we can move the room anywhere we want.  Haven't heard too many other options over the years. A few years ago I even contacted the manufacturer about getting these parts and such and was pretty much told "No, we don't do that on the Max".

Besides, I think I remember the Keder rail is part of the molding, so you would have to replace the molding.  Been awhile since this has come up.