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Basics LGM 2020

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I live in New Hampshire and picked up this unit a couple months ago. I'm hanging out in it getting to get the hang of all the features.  I have few basic questions... On really small stuff .. which is the stage I'm at..

The King antenna with the controller in the ceiling is not getting power.  I guess it has its own control box somewhere. I checked the basic fuses and they're fine. 

The front TV that goes up and down isn't going all the way down.  It needs to go down another inch and a half.

I don't believe this unit has the mount for the rear furrion camera. I just want to confirm.

Thanks in advance for reading...



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Ok, for the antenna, check under the sink and make sure all connections are active.  That is where all the control panel controls are located.  Haven't really looked specifically for the antenna, but it may be there.  I would also recommend being attached to 30A shore power while checking things out.  Battery power on mine is squirrely and I never know if battery power is supposed to work the item in question.   

Look for wire obstructions where the tv goes down.  There is a lot of "stuff" in there that can get in the way or the bracket that hold the TV may have come loose.  Also check to make sure the TV itself is attached to the holding bracket correctly.  This TV comes off in order for it to be attached  outside.  Make sure it's on there properly.  Take it off and test the up/down, make sure nothing get in the way, then put the TV back on and test it again.  This WILL require 30A shore power. 

I believe all hardware for the rear camera will need to be purchased.  Nothing came with ours when it was new.

There will be a ton of stuff you will want to learn.  It will all come.  This forum is a good start, although it may take time to get a response.  There is a Facebook forum also I hear.  We'll do our best to get you up to spec, you never know when you will know something we will need to know!