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Does pulling Little Guy MAX require the install of a weight distribution hitch?

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Currently my tow vehicle is a F150 4WD.  LG dealer said can tow with out a WD hitch. However, will be replacing the F150 with a Ranger or Tacoma would it be necessary then?


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Hello Stan.  I tow with an F150 and no weight distribution gear.  I have been towing stuff for a while and have never really used the WD hardware.  It's expensive and in most cases could be unnecessary depending on your tow vehicle.  I tend to use the "Load Responsibly and Wisely" approach.  Which means to spread your weight out in your trailer & truck and don't over load the tongue.  Plus, we have elected to put Sumo Springs on our Ford to help with the bounce and sway.  Works remarkably well.  But....., yes here it comes, If you feel safer and better with the WD hardware, then by all means go ahead with your purchase.  If the LGM was larger and heavier I would have opted for the WD stuff, but at 3000+ lbs dry weight and maybe 4000 loaded properly, I've had no problems with towing mine.  

As for a Ranger and Tacoma, the smaller the towing unit the more help it will need, and for each of these I would certainly look into the WD hardware.  I just have a hard time buying what any RV dealer is selling you over the cost of the unit.  There ARE things you need and many you do not.

So in conclusion, the hitch on the F150 (class 3, 11,500 lbs) plus a good ball and slide (6000 - 10,000lb rating) is more than adequate for towing the LGM.  The addition of the Sumo Springs has really helped with the sway when a semi is passing you or in a strong wind.  Adding WD hardware is a safe option but one I have elected not to have on my F150.  Smaller towing vehicles could use this hardware.  Hope that helps.  Happy travels!