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Hello, We are currently struggling to get a Dometic Fridge Power Module for our Fridge in our Max.  The fridge works on gas but not electric.  This has been going on since August 2022.  At first it was back ordered but now we are hearing it may not be available.  Any one else have issues or know anything about this?  Thank you,

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How did you order the part?  On the main Little Guy website, under service, there is a place where you can order ANY part you need on your Max.  This is supposed to go directly to the supplier.  I would try this or find another dealer and order from them.  Doesn't matter where they are as long as you know for sure that is the part you need and for safety have a part #.  As a second option, go directly to Dometic and order from them.  Same precautions as above. 

Dometic IS the brand for most RVs, so I'm not sure where the info is coming from that you heard.  Hadn't heard they were going away.