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Furion Back camera not working with a Touareg, despite properly tested 7-pin plug.  


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30/07/2020 3:14 am  

My wireless Furion camera will not work with my Touareg,

I thought that it was my 7 pin plug. But I got is tested and it perform 100%. Same when using my neighbors Touareg. When I put the lights on, II see the image for 2-3 second, then is goes for intermittent for a little while before disappearing until I switch the lights off and on again.

The problem on a Dodge RAM never shows up: clear image as soon as I put the lights on.

Anybody knows why the Touareg behave this way and how to fix it? Could it be a noisy DC voltage or a voltage slightly lower than the RAM.

Please note that with the Touareg or with the Ram, the blue light comes up equally well, at least, visually.

Thanks in advance to let me know if you have a working system with Touareg (with or without modifications) OR if you have an idea of want could cause this strange behavior.


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19/08/2020 11:20 pm  

For that kind of answer you might want to contact Little Guy directly. We are just other owners. Unless someone else who owns a Max can answer that question for you.