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Gas Utilization

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I wanted to post generically about gas utilization and towing. We tow our LGM with a Ford F150 Ecoboost V6. It works quite well, even loaded up. Here's the catch, the F150 only holds 24gal of gas, great for around town, but not for towing. You can do the math here, but for us 24gal X 8mi/gal (at best) gets us 192 miles and many times quite a bit less. In some of the more remote places in Texas we like to go, you can travel 150mi with no gas stations in site. This has become a real problem on long driving trips anywhere outside a city. Rather than planning a wonderful back roads trip, we were planning around gas stations.  We ended up buying 2 5gal gas containers for emergencies. We were a flying bomb going down the highway with both gas and propane secured in the bed.

We finally came up with a permanent solution. We swapped out our gas tank to a 36gal tank (Ford makes and Extended Tank & parts package), there's also a 45gal option but not Ford parts, just a tank.  We chose the 36gal Ford option because it mandatorily included a new fuel pump, O-rings, gaskets and hoses.  It fits great in case you're wondering, we can discuss how that is the case at a later time if you're interested.  It wasn't cheap, but we are definitely feeling more secure while traveling now. Something to think about as you travel larger distances.

If you have any questions, just post here. A friend of mine did this himself with a used tank and parts from Ford for under $200, there are numerous Youtube videos. We opted to have it done professionally since this is our primary mode of transport and some expertise is required to reprogram the computer. We used the Ford OEM parts package and a local Jeep/truck performance shop to do the work, $3000, $3800 at a Ford Dealership. Pricey I know, but it's absolutely amazing to see the "miles to empty" gauge read 700mi and definitely cheaper than buying a new truck.  Most new trucks (unless diesel) don't solve this problem either.   I know this could be an issue for a lot of folks, so I just wanted to post the idea. I hope it turns on your creative genes!