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Insulating Water Tanks

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Has anyone come up with a good way to insulate the LGM fresh water tank for winter camping?

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I have seen a few options.  One is an insulated wrap that will go around the water tank.  Two is to wrap the openings under the camper in Styrofoam panel insulation (clunky).  Third is a little more extravagant but a better engineered way and easy to store.  

The underneath of the LGM is merely plywood, sealed but not insulated I believe.  When camping in the snow and very cold with the wind blowing under you unit, it will get pretty cold under your unit.  Air Skirts seems to be an excellent solution (maybe a little expensive, but it depends), to camping in your unit in winter.  I haven't tried these but I have a friend that uses them along with a small electric heater under the unit to provide above freezing temperatures.  This also solves the problem of a freezing grey and black water tank.......nasty! 

Just a few recommendations.  Let us know what you choose and how things work.  We're always looking for new recommendations.  Happy travels.