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Leaking rear teardr...
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Leaking rear teardrop window.

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Rear teardrop window seal  leaking from heavy rain. Enough to put a couple of inches of water in a dish pan put on top of mattress. Has anyone experienced this. Brand new Little Guy Max. 

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Not yet panman.  For all LG owners, I do recommend a yearly inspection of all seals around your unit.  These dry out, crack, and just droop.  Including the top around the air unit.  All need to be inspected and silicone added periodically.  Now, since yours is new, you didn't say if it was sitting out in a dealer lot for a long period or if it came directly from the factory.  Either way, it would seem to me that the dealer is responsible under warranty.  Unless you bought it from a private owner.  if you can take it back somewhere under warranty, please do so.  If not get out your ladder, your caulk gun and the best silicone sealer you can buy and lay a nice thick bead around the whole window, especially the top of the window.  While you're up there check the seal around the air conditioner too.  Now, one other recommendation.  If you plan to leave it outside, get a cover.  This will help a great deal with keeping the UV rays and sun off the unit while not in use.

Hope that helps.