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WOW, have I had a hard time getting here!  I am not MaryK but her husband.  I tried to join under my name several times but never could get permission. Didn’t know I had done it through the back door until I saw that user name as the newest one.  Reckon my problem is we don’t have a five year old great grand baby to do such for us.  Anyway the real MaryK and I have been into camping together for over 50 years, the last 15 or so in a T@B. We are sorta looking at a LG Micro Max as a replacement thus searching for information about such.  We would appreciate any info on this model anyone is willing to share. Thanks for your time and attention.

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All I know is what's on the web site.

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Welcome to the forum!  I bought my MicroMax in August.  Previously, I owned two different small popup campers from Livin Lite.  I wanted to get away from a camper with canvas but I wanted a model that would still fit in my garage.  I considered several of the A-frame type models,  but they seemed lacking in storage and the reviews didn't seem bery great.  The MicroMax seemed ideal.  I shopped around and made my purchase at Buddy Gregg RV in Knoxville.  I've used it for three trips so far for a total of 13 nights.  I removed the large dinette table and the seat cushions and I'm using a regular twin size mattress instead.  I solo camp so that works out just right.  

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