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Pulsating sound and...
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Pulsating sound and pulsating lights when turned on.

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Dewinterizing my LGM. After charging and reconnecting the battery and plugging into shore power, there is a pulsating sound coming from under the sink. When I turn on interior lights, they pulsate and the sound increases. Unplugged from shore and unhooked battery. It is still occurring. I did not go into the trailer prior to reconnecting the battery etc. I had the trailer covered for the winter. Immediately after removing the cover (two days ago) I was in the trailer and did not hear any issue. Ideas? Help?

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You don't mention if everything is now working without the disco effects.  Very unusual.  Anything NOT working?

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Might be your water pump trying to pressurize your lines. Might add some water to your tanks and see if it stops.