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Rental of LG Max - availability

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Does anyone on this forum know where I can rent a LG Max. We had our own 18' trailer years ago and we had to sell it as it was self destructing.

So we would like to try before we buy. I like that the Max has a real queen bed.

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Hey Tahoemike.  We have had our LGM for a few years now and I have not yet seen one for rent or that's been rented.  Unless you find a private owner willing to rent theirs to you I think this forum and the one on facebook may be your only option to folks that have some experience with LGM.  What I have also been hearing lately is that the manufacturing of the LGM has slowed and availability is even less for these units.  There's some YouTube personalities you may want to watch.  "The roads we travel" is a good one.  This couple lives in theirs and bring our all sorts of suggestions and issues.  Look for others too, there's a few.

You mention the queen bed.  It is extremely nice for two people.  One of the reasons we bought along with the way it was designed inside.  There is a lot of storage and plenty of room believe it or not.  We also liked the cabinetry, real wood. and well built.  we looked at it from a minimalist standpoint of what do we need and does it have it.  The list was fairly complete.  What it didn't have, we added but that was only a few things.

Feel free to post here anytime.  If I know the answer, I'll share.  If I don't, we'll find it.  We love ours.  Small compact and easy to move around.  Has just about everything you need if you don't require a 40' rolling house 🙂  Hope you find what you're looking for.  Just ask if you have any questions.