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Hi , I have just purchased a Little Guy Mini Max and want to install a wireless back up camera on the Trailer.  What is the best place to locate the camera and get it wired properly? 

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Hi there, we bought a Little Guy Mini last year with the wireless camera already installed.  Ours is located from side to side, right in the middle and about one foot from the bottom of the trailer.  There are no wires, of course, except on the monitor (that can be mounted on the windshield where it is convenient for the driver to view) itself that plugs in to your dash receptacle (Ours is like a cigarette lighter plug).  For ours to activate, the lights have to turned on but once the monitor is mounted and booted up and synchronized with the rear-mounted camera, nothing else is needed.  I remove it each time we finish using it and when I re-mount and plug in, and turn on lights, it automatically synchronizes each time.  With it being mounted in this location, I have a good view of what's behind me.  Hope this helps.

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The actual camera should be be mounted about a foot above the rear bumper center line of the trailer. Power for camera is usually from the running lights (which requires them to be on to have power to the camera). Accessing the running wiring can be done by removing the rear wall in the storage area. You'll need drill a hole in the trailer to feed camera wires into the cavity.