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Battery drain

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My battery drains down with nothing on except the fridge in propane mode which presumably has a minor draw and the clock on the stereo. I’ve tried pulling one fuse at a time to isolate which circuit has a draw and been unable to isolate it. Any advice?

the battery is new this season. 

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Have you figured it out? Because I have the same problem with my unit… and I know it’s a unit problem because I was owning one last year with many issue but no battery issue, they exchanged it under warranty and now it’s my third battery in 6 months… I just drain a battle born LifeP04 100 Amp battery, brand new. I thought it was the battery but honestly, it can be 3 bad battery in a row! 

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I just bought a Mini max today. don't even have it home as yet. Do all these unit have solar panels and what is the wattage? You would think that the solar would keep it charged.