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Bike Racks

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What bike racks are you using on the rear receiver of the Little Guy Trailers?   I have not found a rack manufacturer who say their bike racks can be used on a trailer.  They are all pretty clear that the rack should not be used on a trailer.   

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Following.  I don't have a minimax, but many say they bounce too much on the back and break loose.  Some use a special hitch between the tow vehicle and trailer, but then you can't open the back of an SUV.  And there are some on the front of the tow vehicle, but that sounds messy.  And some on top, but that doesn't work for me.  So, I end up not taking the bicycle.  That's why I'm following.

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I too am trying to figure out the bike rack but mine is a myPod.  Was thinking of taking Thule bike rack (minus fitting that inserts in car without trailer) and using U-bolts attaching to tongue.  Move battery case forward.  I only have two bikes to take.  Worry I have is the turn ratio of trailer to car.