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Kedar rail for awning

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My wife and I just purchased an awning for the Mini Max and while inserting the tendon in the rail looks straightforward, we discovered that our new Mini Max has a black insert in the rail.  I assume this is to keep the rail uniform and to keep debris from clogging up the rail.  Having said all that, we assume this black piece will have to be removed before the rib for the awning can be inserted?  Has anyone had any experience with this operation and if so, can you gives us the benefit of your experience? Thanks!

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We have a mini Max and bought the awning as well.  Yes, the black filler in the rail needs to be removed before you can insert the awning.  There is a screw at the bottom of the rail on both sides.  Snip the black filler just above the screw on both sides and slide it right out.  I find it best to slide the awning from the rear side. It’s very easy to do and takes about two minutes to put up.  Good luck!

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Concerning the black filler trim.... I purchased a new 2022 MicroMax in August.  While I was on the interstate returning home on my most recent trip, I noticed that a small section of the black trim was loose from the rail.   By the time that I pulled off at the nearest exit the entire black piece of trim was out of the rail and most of it was dragging on the ground.  The two screws at either end were all that held it attached to the camper.  I was able to push the trim back in place, but wondered if this has happened to anyone else?