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Mini Max Television set up

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We have purchased a new 2021 Mini Max and are just getting things figured out.  However, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to get the TV to pick up over-the-air channels.  I have tried the "Scan Channels" via the "Air" setting but get no channels found.

Youtube videos say there should be an antenna booster that needs to be turned on but all videos I have found to date are for larger RV's of other brands. Same TV and radio system (Jensen) but not in a Mini Max.   I cannot find such a button to push.

Any ideas?  I have run out of all I can think of.

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I don't have a Minimax guys but the LGM.  Not sure this will help or if it's applicable, but there is a switch/button that when pushed toggles from cable to over the air antenna.  In the LGM it's under the table seating.  If it's pushed for cable dues to using a camping sites cable input, it must be pushed back to Antenna to get the TVs to work and scan.  Plus make sure you do scan where there are actual TV stations over the air.  We were remote camping once and it was amazing how few actual channels are available over antenna.  Also not sure what the default is out of the factory, cable or antenna. 

When all else fails......may have to call the dealer and ask where or if this switch exists in the MM.  Hope that give you at least one more option to look for.  Good Luck.  Let us know what you find.

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@texaslgmax there is a button below the roof top antenna that turns on the amplifier in my LGM. Blue LED comes on, it turns to change gain. I'll have to go look for the cable switch - I've only used OTA. And yes - remarkable how few stations are out in the boonies.

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I had the same issue with my 2021 mini max that I purchased from a private party.  Unable to get any over the air channels from 'air scan' on the tv.  I contacted Extreme Outdoors, and they told me that the mini max does not come with an over the air antenna, just a cable hookup.  I asked what the item on the roof over the tv that looked like an antenna was. Apparently its the antenna for the radio.  So I ordered a portable tv antenna from Amazon.  It's not hooked up yet, but should work. Hope this helps. I could not find any information regarding this on the little guy site.