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Peeling paint on frame

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We purchased a 2021 Mini Max last spring.  While preparing it for winter storage, I noticed that the paint of the frame was peeling off in sheets.  Has anyone else encountered this issue?

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I'm assuming you're talking about the metal trailer frame?  I haven't seen this coming off in sheets, but I have had to get back under mine (and I do this yearly) to re-seal with caulk, tighten screws or replace screws, and remove rust and repaint.  I wire brush where needed, sand and then use Rustoleum to repaint.  The underside takes most of the abuse especially in areas with salt.  It sounds to me like manufacturing did not prime and seal the metal before painting.  I have not seen this as a common problem, but during the last year more & more things have been showing up on these units as a result of diminished quality in manufacturing.  Hopefully that will only be temporary.  They are a great, solid unit.