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Upgraded to a Mini Max

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Hello!  We upgraded to the 2020 Mini Max from a 2017 LG 5 wide.  It was decided that a bathroom and shower were a requirement for anything over 5 days.  The 5 wide was awesome and trouble free, and we look forward to many nights in the Mini Max.

We  have been avid campers for the 32 years we have been together, having owned truck and campers, travel trailers and have downsized from the 30FT Arctic Fox fifth wheel to the Little Guy products.  Been around the block yo might say.

I modified the propane/battery set up by adding a box on the front for more storage - mostly for the stinky stuff.  Ordered the visor from the tear drop shop and should see that in another 6 weeks or so.

We are set for the spring!

Shawn and Sue




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