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Water Leak

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So we just purchased our 22 Mini Max and before our first use we filled our water tank to sanitize and flush, as soon as we turned on the kitchen sink water started coming out from underneath the microwave? Has anyone ever had this happen? If so what was the cause? We immediately called our dealer and hauled two hours back to them. I know it's under warranty but this is really frustrating as we hadn't even got to use it one time before encountering a problem.

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Oh no! This is awful. Thankfully we haven’t experienced that, but we do have broken vents on the driver side, and a broken Lagun table lock that we’ve been trying to get General RV to replace since October ‘22 (just one month after buying it). When we first got ours, we were also unable to go camping because the door would not lock. 

I hope your dealer is more responsive than my local General RV dealership has been. Knowing what I know now, and the time I’ve had to wait to get basic things fixed that should have been fixed months ago, I probably would not have purchased this trailer, and I will never purchase anything from General RV again. 

I hope they can get you fixed up quickly! That’s absolutely inexcusable.