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Air conditioner issues  

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Anyone ever have the AC come loose and slide around in the AC compartment in the mypod while being towed?  There's 3 inches of space behind the AC to allow hot air to blow out the grid under the pod, and when the AC slides to the back it blocks the air flow and doesn't work.  There's a simple fix but involves time.  There's a screw on either side of the AC compartment to "hold" it in place.  Bumping around while towing rounds out the holes and the screws pulled loose.  The fix is to screw two pieces of 2 by 4s (cut down to 2 7/8 inch wide) and screw them into the back panel of the AC compartment box to keep it from sliding forward.  Notches are cut out so I don't have to drive the screws through the whole width of wood.  (picture showing one of 2 boards mounted).  Run one screw in then back it out, run a wire into the hole to check that you have enough space between the panel and the fiberglass body of the pod.  I used 3 screws for each board then stuck a strip of wide adhesive backed weather strip over the boards for cushion.  Redo the insulation in the box with metal foil duct tape and around the back of the AC to isolate the intake air from the hot air going out.  Slide the AC back into the box up against the boards, the front of the AC should protrude out about 1 1/2 inch before reattaching the square "picture frame".  BTW, you'll need to take the radio and the fuse box out to back out the original "mounting screws". The AC takes some work to slide it in and out so I don't see it sliding back out while towing.  I haven't taken the pod out yet but I post a follow up if that happens. 

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