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Owners Manual  


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28/06/2020 6:57 pm  

I bought a 2016 mypod last year. It did not come with any documentation or paperwork. If anyone can send me an owners manual, wiring diagram or any other documentation, I would gladly pay the cost of copies and postage. A pdf of these materials would be even better. I contacted the factory tech-support folks but my mypod was built by a subcontracting factory, which has gone out of business, and they could provide me no documentation, wiring diagram, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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17/07/2020 5:04 pm  

We are in the same boat/pod.  We bought our 2015 MyPod from a lady and she had no idea if she ever had an owner's manual.  I think one from any year would give us the gist, but cannot seem to find one.  We would love a copy as well.  PDF via email would work!  Thanks

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30/07/2020 2:15 am  

Please let me know if you are successful in finding an owner's manual! I bought a 2015 MyPod last weekend, and the seller was only able to provide this owners manual for all older gen Little Guy Trailers. My manufacturer (Pleasant Valley) has been absorbed into another brand so I don't know who to contact. I'm mostly interested in updated appliance and electrical wiring specifications, since the older manual doesn't include details for my model. The best one-to-one I believe is the LG 4x8 (?), the precursor to the MyPod. If you can share anything you're able to find (I will as well), that would be appreciated. Excited to learn about this little space egg! 

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13/10/2020 6:58 pm  

I agree about the lack of owners' manual or lack there of.    I will be trying my used MyPod out next week without shore power.  I am charging the battery now.  I do have the manual on the electric power system but it really doesn't go into detail about the on / off button, should it be on  or off when charging, should the AC switch be on/off. All of those types of questions.  I will be camping 3 days so it will be a test to see how the power last. Will probably be using the fan and lights here and there.  Part of the adventure.  What I don't know is if I am not using the camper for months should I keep it plugged in just to keep the battery charged.   It sat idle for two weeks just with the tv and radio lights on and the battery drained.  So, I would imagine I need to turn off the power to those "silent" energy drainers.  

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14/10/2020 12:51 am  

For the most part there are no owner manuals for the trailers. They only included owners manuals for the individual components and then we just tried to help each other answer everything else. So if you post all your question hopefully they get answered the best that we can. Remember pictures are always helpful so we know exactly what you see and have a question about is always nice. Lots of things changed from year to year and model to model. 

As far as leaving it plugged in for long durations if you are not using it I would get a battery tender. It will maintain the battery's charge, but not overcharge it. 

Also if the battery is dying after only 2 weeks you may want to check the health of the battery. For really cheap you can get a voltmeter that will plug into the "cigarette lighters" that makes checking the charge on the battery really easy. There are lots of different models and brands, I have included the picture of one type that is available. 

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16/10/2020 3:25 am  

I always had a hard time deciding how to best maintain my battery, and I end up just leaving it plugged in because I leave the clock on and also plug in a dehumidifier inside when it is just sitting.  I don't know if that's hard on anything, but so far, it's been ok; same battery four-and-a-half years.  I hope it doesn't bother the converter because the dehumidifier traps a lot of moisture.  I tried other methods for that, and they didn't do as well.