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Adjustable leg tables

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Because of going to campgrounds that are often a bit primitive, I've needed a good table with all four legs adjustable.  

I got one from REI which is very nice 2x4, folds to 2x2 foot, quite heavy, aluminum top that dents if banged around.  I really don't need something so big for just me and the dog.  I can use it at home perhaps better than hauling it.  I noticed on my last trip that a couple had one they never set up, but the trailer was reasonably close to their picnic table.

On Amazon, I found a Portal brand which is much lighter with an aluminum roll top.  It is about 35 x 20 inches.  It would be nice if a bit higher for prep or cooking, but it does work ok for using behind the galley or wherever, and all four legs adjust.  The legs are held in place by a plastic piece going into notches.  I'm not sure if it will last forever because of the plastic parts, but I like it, and it's easier to haul.  The rest of it with legs are one folding piece, and it all goes in a bag.  There is a net under the table top, attached to the legs.  It's the most useful one I've found.  The galley in a Five Wide gets a little crowded with no place to spread out.