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Camp Chef dutch oven table

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There are, or were, a couple different lengths of table.  Mine is 32 inch and is heavy.  The legs go on and off easily.  I'm not going to use it for a dutch oven.  I wanted something stable to use by the galley of my Five Wide.  Picnic tables are never in the right place.  I also sprung for screw in leg levelers because I'm never on level ground.  It also has a wind break to use or not.  It isn't very wide, about 14 inches, but made it easier to get in the Xterra.  The camp stove fits.

On my last trip to the coast, the wind gusts necessitated taking down my Clam shelter, but the little table just stood there fine.  And my dog couldn't get his nose up there as easily as a lower table.

They also sell fold-out shelves (more weight) and a thing for the ends that hold your paper towels and barbecue tools.  They make a nice looking aluminum table also, with adjustable legs and will go higher.

I'm not using the Amazon link because it shows a different looking table in their picture.

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