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Condensation under mattress

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Many things work to keep moisture out from under the mattress.  Some use Froli system.  Some use slats.  Some use plastic lattice.  There is Den-dry or similar, but air needs to get to it.  

I have not tried them, but what is working for me, plus being comfy, are Therm-a-rest camp type, self-inflating mattresses.  I think I got them on Amazon or REI.  I got a 30 inch wide and a 24 inch, so they fit in my 58 inch space.  

The dog probably didn't need one on his side, but I don't hit bottom anymore, and so far, it has kept the floor from sweating under the mattress.  Plus I have a waterproof mattress cover, which may be overkill, but if dog gets in wet, it protects the mattress.  At first, I just had the 24 inch mattress, but it was moving under there so I was sleeping at a tilt until I moved it back.

At first, I had too much air in it, which made it very difficult to get around, but after letting out some air, it's working well.