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Cookware and water jug, Stanley is good for me

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Everyone keeps improving things.  There are so many good cooksets that have come out in recent years.  I've gone to using Stanley cooksets.  They are mostly not overpriced, but I like them also because the pots have measurements stamped into them, and the lids have drain holes.  The drain holes are very useful.    They usually have plastic bowls and other things inside, like plastic sporks, spoons, or flippers, which may be useful or not.  They come in different pot sizes.   Amazon seems to have them all.

Also, there is a more expensive even-heat set that all nests together; that set is heavy.  I'm not sure I need the heavy set because of too much weight in the galley, but it has two sizes of pots with lids and a fry pan.  There is even a picture etched in, to show you how it all fits together.  It is definitely not for backpacking.  I could take it in the Xterra, but I do take a cast iron skillet and stovetop Dutch oven which work for me as well.  My only objection to cast iron is that it takes a long time to cool enough to put it away.

I take along water for the dog, he is picky about his water and so am I.  Some campground water, I don't want him drinking, even if he would drink it.  I've tried taking his water in a couple different Coleman jugs with a spigot, and end up with water all over the back seat every time.  So, I tried the Stanley plastic two gallon.  It is working very well with no mess.  Besides an easy to use spigot, it has a little vent to loosen to help the water flow.  It is a huge improvement, and it lasts about three days for him.  If he runs out of water, I take along some extra, unopened, bottled gallons and leave it out overnight to cool.

I hope to stick with these things a long time.