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Jackery power supply

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Something I find really useful for my Five Wide trips is the Jackery rechargeable power supply.  You can charge it from another generator, the car, their solar set-up, and from AC.  I have the 500.  They have various sizes, and now there is a 1000.  No gasoline involved and no noise.

Great for recharging phones, camera batteries, running my 12 volt blanket, etc.  A regular electric blanket would run it down in a hurry, but my 12 volt blanket shuts off in 30 minutes.  A heater would run it down pretty quickly also.  I'd love a 1000, but the 500 is a good size for where I have it sitting.  The solar would be nice, but I live around too much shade, and the Jackery solar is not waterproof.

One can also get cables to recharge your car or trailer battery.  It is not a jumper, but recharges in a fairly short time.  I have not tried that yet.