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2013 Silver Shadow - Side Panel Issue

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Hi All,

Seeing an issue with our 2013 Little Guy Silver Shadow. Might be hard to see from the pics (limited space for uploads). On the one side from the front to the wheel well, the side panel has popped out from the trim on the bottom. I am thinking I am seeing some wood expansion on the bottom that either caused the issue or is a result of the issue. Either way - how do I fix or get this fixed?

Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

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I've just purchased a 2015 silver shadow and it has the same problem. I am thinking of contacting little guy direct and seeing if they can supply me with some drawings.

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I had the same issue.  I unscrewed all the screws that hold the trim underneath to the wheel well. Got rid of old caulking, and used a vice to hold the panel in place. Secured with tin roof screws with rubber washers. Re-caulked all screws and along trim and side panel. 

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