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Tow mileage

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I just picked up my Mini Max from the dealer. Everything  was perfect until I got on the interstate.   I tow behind a 2015 Audi Q5 TDI.  On back roads I was getting 18 mpg. But when I got on the interstate it was only 10-12 mpg. I was planning a trip across country next spring. Now I’m pretty disappointed is this the normal mileage for Little Guy trailers?

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I tow with a Ford F150 4x4 Ecoboost and see a reduction of mileage to around 8mpg while towing.  Normally I get 20 combined.  I hear the same story over and over again on the mileage while towing.  It's shocking, but I'm afraid that is what happens.  It means that we will just have to spend more time planning trips for where the gas is located and maybe take a 5gal can along for the ride, just in case.  We're in Texas, and you can be a long way from a gas pump, so on our long trips inside and outside Texas, I HIGHLY recommend a additional gas container if you can do that.  It will pay for itself in some way.