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South Coast, Oregon

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We, dog and I, went south this time.  Way too many people, crowded campgrounds,  no vacancy signs.  There were empty spaces, however.  At Brookings, Oregon, the State Park is Harris Beach.  Stayed there a couple nights to see what I could of the Samuel Boardman Corridor, which is a 12 mile stretch North of Brookings.  The small parking lots were jammed full. The area was not built for such hoards of people.  The Campground spaces are close together with very little privacy.  It seems many people have a hard time following rules, especially with their dogs.  But it's a beautiful area.

On the way down, we stopped at Humbug Mountain state campground.  It is smaller and also crowded.  If a person were very ambitious,  one can go under the highway and climb the mountain to see the ocean.

I did not know the super hot weather was coming, as internet was not very usable.  We headed for home, which is 30 miles inland from Florence, and the house was horribly stuffy and hot, and i found out the 110 degrees was on the way.  I think the whole state of Oregon was at the coast the next day, and there was not a parking space anywhere. It was 30 degrees cooler at the coast.  We went back home, but I had a space for the following day, so we went back again.  The teardrop was in sun, but I had thrown in the screen room.

We did some other short trips in spring, closer to home, so got to try out a new privacy tent that goes up easy and a new pie iron and grill.  One trip was to Newport, and that campground has lots of shade, and we found a trail we missed before.  Another trip was just north of Florence.  The signs on the trails said to watch for cougars and bears, but we didn't see any.  It was so windy and ocean so loud, the dog wasn't about to go down there, but he thought it was fine the next day.  

So, the virus did not keep us home, we just didn't do any long trips.  It has been amusing to watch all the first time RVers try to park their new behemoth rigs because even with spotters, it took some of them six or eight tries to get parked.  I really like my Five Wide at such times.