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When large photos are posted to the forum area it uses up valuable space on the Little Guy web site.  Please take the time to re-size your photos before you post them to the site as this will benefit everyone.   

General re-size guidelines are as follows:
For "landscape" shots -                       please limit your photos to between 700-800 pixels wide.  
For "vertical" shots -                            please limit the photo size to between 600-700 pixels tall.
Here is a link to a free photo re-size site that can be used with Windows based operating systems.   If you knows of a similar site for Mac computers please send me a message and I will post the link to this thread.  Until then, please read the following info in the next posting in this discussion area for helpful Mac photo re-size tips.
Note  If you have multiple photos you would like to share (e.g. camping trips, vacations, travel, etc.) it is a great idea to load them onto a site like Flickr and link to your photos.   This can save you time, effort, eliminate the need to upload photos onto the Little Guy forum and allows you to link to them in the future with minimal effort.   Please think about this option as it is easy and very efficient.  
If you follow the guidelines above it will save space, makes everyone's life easier and allows members to enjoy your photos too.  We appreciate your consideration and effort in implementing these suggestions and hope that everyone is able to view and share photos of your trailers, travels and adventures.   
If you have any questions, please contact me with any additional comments, recommendations or suggestions.